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Mick Almond Memorial Cycle Ride

Stephen Almond (son of Michael) with a couple of his friends, are aiming to complete a 1000 mile cycle ride in memory of his father who sadly passed away last year. He is intending to complete the ride for charity in April 2017 (full details below).

Message from Stephen Almond

The purpose of this page is to publicise the sponsored bike ride from John O Groats in Scotland to Lands’ End in Cornwall. This will be held in memory of my father Michael Almond who passed away last year. He completed this journey himself no less than three times!

He was much loved and respected by those who knew him personally; countless others will undoubtedly owe him a debt of gratitude for his service as an ambulance man over his lifetime career. The funds raised from this memorial ride will go to two charities that he worked very closely with for many years.

The first charity is ‘Dewsbury Ambulance Charities’ and was in fact co-founded by my father over 30 years ago. Since its creation, the charity has organised countless sponsored events to help the local community as well as making donations to other charities such as the RNLI, leukaemia research, guide dogs for the blind, Zoe’s place, Iraqi children’s hospital and many others.

My father, as well as his friends and colleagues have raised thousands of pounds over the years to benefit those who are in need. The charities work continues to this day and im proud to step into my father’s shoes to continue their work.

The second charity is ‘mary’s meals’. This is an international aid group whose sole ambition is to provide children from all faiths and backgrounds, who live in poverished communities around the world, one healthy meal a day in a school environment; thus, ensuring an education is had at the same time. My father worked tirelessly for the last eight years or so raising awareness about this charity; he funnelled his support into one school in Malawi, Africa raising over £14,000 to improve the facilities, build them a kitchen to help feed the children and fund their efforts in the local area.

Needless to say, I am very proud of my father, his efforts and achievements. I just hope my own efforts can do his legacy some justice and that by raising awareness of these two charities that they in turn can continue to provide the aid which they provide.

To donate to "Dewsbury Ambulance charities" please visit my just giving page:

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To learn more about ’mary’s meals’ their website is:

To donate to "mary’s meals" please follow the link:

‘mary’s meals’ Donations

The choice of which charity to donate to is completely down to your personal preference. I’d just like to say on behalf of those who can’t say it, thank you very much! Let’s make my dad proud!

Thank You, Stephen Almond.